E&I Supervisor

Short profile:

E/I On-Off Shore installations
16 years Off-Shore, 10years E/I Tech, 6 years E/I Supervisor
10 years Petrol/Chem,  5 years E/I Tech, 5 Years E/I supervisor
Experience covers MC PC Commissioning,  Hand over Doc’s, Eng Queries Non conformity etc.
On Brown field and Green field projects,
Companies worked for: NAM, GEP, Dupont, Shell, ELF, Siemens, Akzo Nobel, StatOil, BP, GSK, Heerema.


John Turners Secondary Modern School ( CSE )
School link courses, Technical studies, Electrical,
Chesterfield College of Technology, 
EI A3,  EI B1, EI B2, EI B3, EI C1 ( EMEU )
Dutch electrical studies. VEV
TSI - Practical 2 TSI – Theory 2, written exams 
TSI - Practical 3 TSI – Theory 3, written exams
TSI - Practical 4 TSI – Theory 4, written exams 
P1 en P2  (practical)  Dutch papers 

Offshore papers:
Personal Safety Logbook E-1, F-1, 11A/2        
Training courses for HUET.     
Plus,  Nam safety on shore
Off shore, Fire Fighting, Survival, Huet, Safety,
Advanced courses for Petrol Chem-Off Shore / drilling Rigs
Advanced courses for Electrical installations, NEN 3140 
Advanced courses NEN 1010 for offshore installations, 
Advanced courses for Safety and wellfare Offshore
Off shore, Medical 100%fit, Office Safety, training.

Work experience last 2 year:

Helwin Beta Converter Relay station Wind power
Position: E/I Commissioning Engineer. 

Work Done: Coordination of the Commissioning, E/I Supervision
Fire and Gas systems  HVAC, Coolwater, systems
At, MC and PC /Commissioning, level, 

USG Norg NAM  Onshore location Langelo
Position: Instrument Supervisor, Coordinator of the Loop testing.

Work covered Witnessing and accepting the verified Loops, from the DCS
To the field instrument, reports made as to the instruments in the Fire and Gas systems, ie Sight in line and Gas detectors.

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